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סדנת ולידציה לסטארטאפים, או איך להתאהב בבעיה ולא בפתרון

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הסדנא מועברת בעברית אבל החומרים במצגת באנגלית

The training you need to get on track to Product/Market Fit

Validate your startup ideas with the right mindset, Tools and frameworks.
Get simple yet effective frameworks and tools to put your idea in front of your potential users, as soon as the next day!

This 4-hour workshop is must have for every entrepreneur, who wants to go from theory to practice.
The tools and concepts shared in this workshop will provide you with the clarity and focus to not only validate your startup idea, but to further iterate it and build great products people love and use.

Simple yet powerful frameworks

Lack of focus is common among entrepreneurs. It comes when there is no clear path for action. That's why frameworks are so important. They provide that guidance, preventing you from staggering and wasting precious time.
The frameworks you'll access in this workshop are as simple to use, some are literally 'fill-in-the-blanks' (I designed it that way for your ease of use).
Going through the workshop materials will reframe the way you see your startup. You will see it more clearly, and know what to do next!

What is covered?

Chapter 1: The Journey to Product/Market Fit

  • The mindset for validation (change your perspective so your confirmation bias doesn't lead you the wrong way)
  • The four steps to Product/Market Fit (start with the market, not the product)
  • Confidence test (stop misleading yourself, and taking the wrong next steps)
  • Assumptions engineering (come up with the right assumptions, and prioritize them)
  • Identify your Ideal Customer Profile (ICP) (a simple technique I use with all my customers)
  • Assemble your value proposition assumptions
  • The Minimum Viable Product (scope the right MVP so you don't waste precious resources)

Chapter 2: Experiments

  • What are experiments? And how to do them right
  • 9 effective experiments you can launch as soon as NOW (tomorrow is also fine :-)

Chapter 3: The Validation Board

  • The Product/Market Fit canvases to guide you in your assumptions and keep you focused!
  • The validation toolbox, a curated list of tools you can use in your validation
  • Bonus: How to write surveys to optimize completion and data integrity
  • ChatGPT tips and prompts to use AI in your validation

Chapter 4: Q&A, Bonus materials

  • Q&A sessions from the live workshop
  • Impact mapping - How RedHat are innovating and optimizing product success

What is included?

  • A full recording of the workshop (iin Hebrew), broken down to chapters and bite size content. Total 4-hours (Hebrew)
  • The Validation Miro student workbook including:
    • The Product/Market Fit canvases. A powerful fill-in-the-blanks Miro template for you to build assumptions (NEW)
    • Curated list of validation tools I use in my own practice, please note: some affiliate links may be used (NEW)
    • The ChatGPT Prompting tips for validation (NEW)
  • Bonus Content
    • Impact Mapping
    • How to write a survey

Check out what participants of the live workshop has to say about the validation workshop:

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14-day money back guarantee

This content is based on my experience with dozen of startups and years as product manager. It is tested and tried through and through.
If after going through some of the content, you are unhappy with your decision, let me know and I'll refund you.
Please make sure to go through at least the first chapter before asking for a refund.

All the best

Last updated Jul 16, 2023

The complete and new training to help you validate your startup ideas in 2023

Full recording of the live workshop
The Validation Miro Board
The P/MF Canvases + training videos
Curated list of validation tools I love
The ChatGPT prompt guide for startup validation
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סדנת ולידציה לסטארטאפים, או איך להתאהב בבעיה ולא בפתרון

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